Our Staff

Dave Ratvasky


Dave has over 30 years experience in the landscape business. He is our Uni-lock Specialist and can help you with any Hardscape project. He also heads up our topsoil screening operation. 

  • Favorite Machine to Run - John Deere Front Loader
  • Favorite Plant - Holly
  • Favorite Uni-lock Paver - Beacon HIll

Brandon Ratvasky


Brandon is going into his 14th year at Ratvasky Landscape Supply. You can find him behind the counter in the office, out in the greenhouse assisting customers, or in a loader piling mulch into pick up trucks.

  • Favorite Plant - Tri-Color Beech Tree
  • Favorite Uni-lock Paver - Beacon Hill 
  • Favorite Decorative Stone -  Large Canadian Blue

Connie Ratvasky


Connie has been employed at Ratvasky Landscape Supply for 18 years. If you have a question about anything plants, she's the one to help you out!

  • Favorite Tree - Weeping Alaskan Cedar
  • Favorite Perennial - Coneflowers
  • Favorite Shrub - Boxwood

Dave Kelty


Dave has been with us for more than 17 years. If you need something delivered, he is your man. Whether you need 22 yds of mulch, or 2 ton of topsoil, he'll get it to you promptly. 

  • Favorite Truck to Drive - The Black Mack
  • Favorite item to Deliver - Decorative Stone
  • Favorite Plant - Pine Tree

Vi Ratvasky


Vi is our brains behind the scenes. Married to our founder Rich, she's been there since it all started. She works from a home office and keeps our paperwork and all of us in line.

  • Favorite thing about working from home - Spending time with my husband and my new great grandson, Jake
  • Least Favorite thing about working from home - Not seeing all of our great employees everyday
  • Favorite Plant - Any Hydrangea

Rich Ratvasky


In 1978 Rich Ratvasky ventured into the landscaping business, and never looked back. Everything we have and do today was started on the building blocks he created for the last 40 years. He is now retired, but helps out with advice whenever he can!

Favorite thing about being retired - Relaxation and sleeping in

Least favorite thing about being retired - Not being able to see all my customers who became friends over the years, everyday

Favorite Plant - Tri-color Willow